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dzIt was fun writing Andre’s goofy summary of this comic’s plot.

Oh, hi, Tigris. We haven’t seen much of the feline forms in quite some time. More cats to come, I can promise that!

jeffIt’s actually been a while since I drew the crew as felines since the cover, so it was fun to draw the new Tigris here. May need some additional tweaks along the way but I’m happy how she’s turned out.

EDIT: So as it turns out I left out a fire effect on Tigris so took the time to actually work on my fire, at least on Tigris as my past attempts have been a bit hit and miss. I think this attempt came out pretty good tho.

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Moar commenting options!

zmanHey guys, you can now use the Intense Debate commenting system to comment using your Facebook or OpenID accounts! To comment using Facebook, click the FB logo at the bottom of the comment text box, and login. You must then approve our Panthera App, which allows your profile to share enough info to communicate with our comment system. Once you’re logged in, you can even check a box to share your comment back on Facebook.


Hey everyone.  We’re trying out a new comment system!  Let us know what you think by emailing us, or…leaving a comment.  We’re going to be tweaking it over the next few days and welcome any critiques or suggestions.

Forum fixed

zmanHey guys, for those of you who weren’t able to see the forum recently, that problem should be fixed now. Enjoy your foruming!

About page update

A bit late pointing this out, but our About page has been updated with new profile photos, as well as some shots of your authors here.