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dzFarewell, Bridgedale High School. We hardly knew ye, although you too have been around since our third page. For all those out there who suffered horribly in high school (so, most people), enjoy this moment of vicarious catharsis as this one gets blown to smithereens. (Did our favorite mad scientist here just win any new fans?)

Hope you enjoyed Chapter 9, two-year hiatus notwithstanding! Leave us a comment and let us know what you’ve thought! We’re off next week, and we’ll be back after Thanksgiving with that Chapter 10 cover.

jeffThis page took waaaaaaay longer than it should have, but the end result is worth it I feel. Also the first time you get to see the school layout, well you would except it’s currently blowing up. I may post the original lineart of it someday.

With that tho is the end of this chapter. Overall I’m pretty happy with the updated looks everyone has gotten, and I hope you all do too. As always leave a comment below and vote for us on TopWebComics. As this is the end of the chapter we will be taking a week off posting just to organise a little and increase our buffer a little more. We like to maintain this consistent weekly posting and this seems like the right time now. So tune in on the 5th of December to see what happens, NEXT TIME ON PANTHERA!! *commercial break.

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