dzYeah, Onca could have handled this better so far.

Note: with a bit of a team shake-up, plus being late last week, plus us having said for months that we wanted a true buffer, we’re taking off the alternate-Mondays for a month to actually build that buffer. We’ll be back to 3x/2wk in a month, for sure. In the meantime, you can always vote for your “Blake” fix.

jeffShe should have stayed in the shadows, crept up behind one and grabbed him behind the rock and knocked him out. Then pounce the second dude and place him near the bushes. Then get shot regardless cause the game resets the enemy count and notices the bodies no matter where you put them.

Oh wait, we’re on about Panthera, not Splinter Cell. Enjoy this weeks comic since we’re now temporarily doing the one week schedule till we’re back on buffers.

pixellated And this signifies my last page. It’s been good, guys. More news below.

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