jeff The first thing I’m sure you’re all asking is. Wow, look at the colours!! I’ve forgotton how fun shading was after not having not done it for so long. While it’s a shame Pix is no longer our colourist, at least this gives me a chance to strengthen my shading skills now.

I originally was going to do everything at the beginning of Panthera, but I was at university then and had limited time to do everything, as such, the work was split into two. Now it’s the opposite, Pix is too busy to colour and I’m out of uni. If you want to see textless versions of this and upcoming pages, then I plan to upload them either here on extras, or on my DeviantArt account which you can find in the links.

dzMeet the new Panthera! Pretty, no?

For the record, alternate-Monday updates resume March 1.

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