dzDa roof, da roof, da roof is on fire! (… so is the rest of the house.)

Link of the week: Underling, in which a lazy pubescent brat who’s certain he’s smarter than everyone around him has to prove it when he’s transformed into a demon and sucked into a dangerous alternate dimension. Check it out!

Oh, and we’re back on alternate Mondays, so… next page Monday!

jeffBefore, I hated nature drawing cause it was a fuss to spazz my hand and make a bazillion trees. Now I hate it for a different reason, I spaz my hand so I shade out a bazillion trees. The outcome tho is, hopefully quite good. I decided to remove the lineart for the leaves area completely so the trees have a more natural look then have a lineart border around it. The house on fire came out well too, surprisingly.

Been playing some Bioshock 2. Kinda annoying you’re a prototype Big Daddy, yet you’re still flimsy from a whack from a wrench or a pistol shot. You’re a freaken Big Daddy!

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  1. Puck

    That might be one of my favorites of Pardus' jokes so far. HAH!

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