dzHey, if you’ve been reading for a while (or if you’re new, that’s cool too!), why not check out the Panthera forums? We’d definitely love to get some more feedback on the story, the new art, etc. :-)

jeff This was a fun page to do, simply cause it’s a change in location, we also introduce 2 new characters, the parents. One problem, I can’t draw old people lol which explains why D.Z complained they still look a little young. Ah well. Either way, interesting to draw.

Contemplating getting Battlefield: Bad Company 2. If I do and want to play together, just PM me in the forum. If you want to keep up with my random ramblings, you can check me on Twitter.

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  1. fionnsilverwolf

    "Because it looks like you were secretly turning into great cats and taking on heavily-armed ninjas."
    "HOW DID YOU…I mean, no Mom, we were camping! Really!"

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