dzOh, snap.

Link of the week: Pictures of You, which is simply one of the best-written comics I’ve read in recent memory (and I’m not even done). Warning: some content is NSFW.

Also, your periodical reminder to please vote! We have a kitty. ^^

jeff I quite enjoyed heading back to Ovid again and its fearsome threesome. One thing that struck me odd in the last page was ppl mistaking K√∂hler for male when she’s actually female. One big update is how the table looks, now with red glow and holographic lighting. hopefully makes the mood more ominous.

If you want a sneak peak at what’s to come next week, then check Panthera Panels on my DeviantArt account. Also, I’ve been playing alot of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. If you play it also, hook me up at this name J38UK.

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