dzChapter 4 begins! Expect a few new extras around here soon, including new covers for old chapters and a Panthera Facebook page. Keep checking back; some of those should be up this week.

Oh, and TopWebComics resets tomorrow. Help us out and keep up with Blake!

… and no, no April Fools thing here. Maybe next year.

jeff I would comment on today’s comic but I’m distracted by having Linkin Park’s song “Not Alone” on repeat here. As a little note, we’re planning on redoing previous chapter covers to the same style of this chapters cover shown on monday, so that should be something to look back to. Will also be doing some slight changes in styles in my effort to improve both my ability and this comic.

Been replaying Command & Conquer 3 recently after trying out 4 and just missing the base building and the cheesy but awesome cutscenes. Twilight’s ones tried to go waaay too serious in tone and it just comes out as boring rather than believable. Also alot of L4D2.

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