dzWelcome to anyone who’s coming from Mysteries of the Arcana this week, and a big thanks to J. Gray for plugging us. Go check out his comic for some cool tarot card-based action!

We have a Facebook page now! Come register as a fan, and we’ll put up some exclusive stuff at some point!

Oh, and sorry about the brief delay on this page.

jeff This took waaaay too long than it should do and I apologise for the delay in posting. I got a bit of art block and midblock during drawing that I couldn’t be motivated to finish it. I persevered however and we have some interesting, if wordy context going on.

Want to check out the actual art on these pages and other extras I sometimes do? Pop on over my Deviantart or Sheezyart page and look about. Comments and even requests are always welcome. Alternatively, you can keep up with my ramblings over on Twitter.

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