Update time is now thoroughly erratic, but I’m going to make sure that we still stay on Thursdays and alternate Mondays, or at least close to that. One way or another, there will be new pages here!

Link of the week: Mint Condition. I laughed a lot, and you probably will, too.

jeffApparently the light in the room isn’t bright enough according to D.Z so excuse the two pages being brighter suddenly….ish. Not much to say but Taylor’s hair came out nicely, and I want an Ovid ID card that also acts as a USB hard drive and MP3 player.

Currently replaying the Modern Warfare singleplayer campaigns. Maybe actually try the MP on MW2 again and see if I can get into it.

Want to check out the actual art on these pages and other extras I sometimes do? Pop on over my Deviantart or Sheezyart page and look about. Comments and even requests are always welcome. Alternatively, you can keep up with my ramblings over on Twitter.


  1. CassCain

    I never trusted that guy, ever since I first noticed his mustache

  2. Dragon393

    Oh wait, that's a guy? Dang, I derped.

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