Pix: Our first timed update. Huzzah…

… now someone else write something. I’ve got zombies to be killing.

D.Z.: So I says to Jeff, “you can take it easy on the backgrounds, don’t hurt yourself”. And Jeff says, “alright”. And Jeff goes and sketches an immense, eye-poppingly gorgeous town landscape. Wow.

So, yeah, our first scheduled update, our first on time update. Hopefully the start of many more.

Jeff: When I get to work on something, I try to make the piece as full and as detailed as I can make it. So hopefully this type of detail will be regular, despite nagging from the boss to do otherwise. Small factoid, the building and design of the area is based on my university, though many portions were modified, like the extended front entrance, larger campus and department buildings.

Hopefully we’ll see these places soon….or there is and I haven’t read the script. lol

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  1. Tara

    She has huge man hands. o-o

    Good job with the faces though ~

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