dzWanted to take this week to offer a sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s mentioned us in a journal, forum post, or anywhere else. We do notice, and we immensely appreciate it, as well as the kind words!

Hm, obligatory links. Forum! Blake @ TWC! And Facebook!

jeff Another flashback episode, gosh you can never get away from those flashbacks in any medium huh? As D.Z commented, tryng to stick to the schedule so hang on a bit more. On a related note, I’ve recently switched to Photoshop CS5 and alot of improvements, most signifcantly, a photoshop that doesnt stutter the moment I open the damn thing, even on my decent rig so good news there.

Any fans on FurAffinity? I’ve decided to make my account more active there so hook me up if you’re on there at my art page: FurAffinity.

You can also check all my art at Deviantart or Sheezyart. Comments and even requests are always welcome. Alternatively, you can keep up with my ramblings over on Twitter.

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