dzLink of the Week: I’m not a big fan of Pokemon comics–because most, honestly, are pretty awful–but absolutely everyone should go read Mokepon, which asks: what about the Pallet Town kid who really doesn’t want to catch ’em all? It’s rooted in classic Red/Blue, before Nintendo’s dumb onslaught of add-on critters, and it’s hilarious and remarkably well-drawn.

Forum’s been a bit quiet lately. Come say hi!

jeffNothing particularly special about this page as we’re back in the room, aside from drawing Taylor without the collar now.

Annoyingly lost a few hours shading as my syustem decided to lock up and Photoshop decided to not accept my save before. Found a tool that makes Photoshop autosave now according to my settings, so I at least have this now to save for me as I often forget to save for a while.

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  1. iron mane

    darn it they are noting like my kind

    i have three not two formes

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