dzI don’t have a link for you this week, so I guess I’ll just re-plug our Facebook. Exclusive content coming there sometime next week, I think! Also, I’ve been waiting for this sequence since the very beginning of the comic. The next thirty-odd pages should be truly awesome. Especially with Jeff’s ever-improving art. How pretty is that tiger in that warehouse?

EDIT: If, on the off-chance that you have a disturbing interest in this author’s life, you can track the playoff progress of my intramural soccer and softball teams online (“Red Barons” for both; brackets are here and here.)

jeffIt’s funny when D.Z linked images of what he wanted this warehouse to look like, he linked to Warehouse 13, which funnily is what I was going for anyway as that show pretty much took the whole secret warehouse and supersized it. Also its now officially linked to Eureka, which is even more awesome next seasons.

Art wise, I only just realised that Tigris is angled the same way in the first, fourth and firth panels. D: I swear I did not notice this or did it as a cheat to get the comic done. I would have covered tons of useless lineart if that were the case, heh.

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  1. Soot Leopard

    Do I smell a hint of Doom? 😛

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