dzI need to stop going to bed before these pages are up; looks like Mei Ling over there has taken to assigning me Chinese proverbs. :-)

Hey, the next person to register at our forum will be member #100… just saying!

jeffAnyone get the feeling Tigris doesn’t quite like Onca? More boxes to draw and shelves to put them, joy. Least it looks continously different as they walk. The next pages should be pretty interesting.

Will be meeting a few friends at the London Expo this weekend, maybe I’ll pick up a few good things. Tight budget tho so certainly not as much as last time.

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  1. Puck

    Can I just humbly point out that in cat form, Tigris should be much, much, MUCH bigger than Onca?
    Tigers are /the/ biggest big cats out there. And I'm pretty sure that jaguars are one of the smaller cats.
    Juuuust saying.
    Other than that, I /love/ the way Tigris' paw is over her face. Makes me laugh. :3

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