dzBeen waiting for this part for so long, and it’s looking beautiful.

Hey, go read Shrub Monkeys, proof that slice-of-life comics can, in fact, be pretty damn funny!

jeffPart of me did wonder how I was gonna portray the motion of Tigris slashing Onca in the face. You would think me doing Onca run past Tigris in the last panel, I would have remembered. Came out well, with a fast moving background.

And now quick videogame reviews: Split Second – Michael Bay racing, decent, but way overtop rubberbanding. Blur – A very solid and stylish kart racer with real cars. Good month for racers on PC. Alpha Protocol – Mass Effect with spies. Ruined by clunky controls, and a rpg dice roll stat combat. If I shoot someone in the head, they die. Not lose 20 health and call for backup.

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