dzIt’s been a bit slow for us to finally get to an epic battle (the only other real fight was at the beginning of Chapter II), but I can promise a lot more of these from here on out. Taking bets, Tigris vs. Onca!

Hey, we’ve fallen off of the Top 100 since TWC reset. Please help us get back!

There’s some adorable little Blake art in it for you. :-)

jeffA fun page to draw as its less talk, more walk. Or dramatic jumping shooting water out their paws. Messed a little with how I portray motion this time, tell us what you think of it and the overall page on our forums.

Played a little more Alpha Protocol, changed my mind after initually disliking the whole dice damage combat setup, once you get past it, the story is intriguing, the conversation system can really change how the story goes, and some good rpg customisation. Been also playing Saboteur, which despite a few niggles is Pandemics last jewel games sadly. Second being Mercenaries 2.

You can check all my art at Deviantart, Sheezyart or FurAffinity. Comments and even requests are always welcome. Alternatively, you can keep up with my ramblings over on Twitter.

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