dzI have an amazing Link of the Week for you people this go-round: the utterly spellbinding White Noise. I have a soft spot for fugitive stories (the original version of Panthera was one), and White Noise offers a brilliant and visually stunning odyssey. Highly, highly recommended.

In other news, there’s been interest at the forums in a Panthera RP! If anyone’s interested in playing super-kitty (or anything else, I guess!) you could head over there and join in.

Hm, our weekly Facebook update says we have “0 new fans this past week”. Anyone want to help remedy that?

Speedy updates this week to make up for last week, promise!

jeffAnd we’re back! Apologies for the week delay or so, my Wacom pen nib ran out of its length meaning I couldnt shade properly without wanting to throw my tablet out the window. Man 5 nib replacements can be pricey, and these are just standard nibs. Anyways, more combat action.

And finished watching the E3 conferences for today. Kinect: Hardware wise quite amazing, real lack of hardcore titles, way too casual. Slim 360: DO WANT. EA conference: NFS Hot Pursuit, Dead Space 2, MOH, Bad Company 2 Vietnam, Bulletstorm, Old Republic, WANT NOAW. Ubisoft conference: Aside from Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, the rest was pretty dull or just embaressing.

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  1. aswilliams411

    Tigris and Euphrates river…

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