dzWell that was unexpected (or so I hope.)

A big thanks to everyone who’s worked to make our TV Tropes page a resounding success! We’ve been getting some good traffic off of it, and I love the little quirks you guys have found in the story. Hopefully there’ll be some more “crowning moments of awesome” in the future!

jeffAnother day, another page where we deploy a surprise in 3, 2, 1….SURPRISE. A lot of words so I had to restrain myself with centred focus of characters so theres space for the long speeches. Came out well enough. What will happen? Find out next week.

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  1. Dutchguy

    This is a decent comic and while I doubt that D.Z or Jeff will read, I am still gonna point out the typo/grammar error in panel 2 :"I bet HIS driven"

  2. Dutchguy

    Oops I meant while I doubt D.Z or Jeff will read THIS

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