dzA few forumers saw this coming–congrats, you win the special Panthera appreciation prize (we appreciate you!) WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW.

So, the same week that our Mr. Oosterhuis displays some hitherto unknown power, a certain Mr. Oosthuizen emerges from complete obscurity to kick some serious seven-stroke-lead tail at St. Andrews. COINCIDENCE? I THINK–that yeah, actually, it’s a complete coincidence, and not even a very remarkable one.

Hey hey all aboard the Panthera RP train!

jeffApologies for this page being 3 days late, been having issues on motivation in doing sketches for each page. Oddly when I get round to shading I’m absolutely fine and cant wait to see it finished….odd.

I have thought how Ari’s own special ability would appear. I was told it would not be the same as Panthera’s transformation glows, so I imagined his power would just eminate from his body like mist or fire. Add the choice of colours and I think he came out quite well. But what does this mean to the group? You’ll just have to find out this friday won’t you?

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  1. The Aussie Bloke

    Pardus' line from this page is my signature over on the 910CMX forums, complete with link back to this page.

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