dzWhile it’s not quite as much of a landmark as the end of the first arc will be, this is officially our 100th page (including covers, not including concept art.) Thanks to all the fans who’ve stuck with us to get where we are now!!

Here’s a Link of the Week Whenever: Fafnir the Dragon. Not recommended for anyone with a rightward political bent (or with any sympathy whatsosever for the Twilight series) but if you like the idea of Barack Obama and Jon Stewart teaming up with a giant red dragon to fight zombies in a post-apocalyptic future, you’re probably not going to find it anywhere else (and certainly not as well-drawn!)

jeffSometimes making stuff on the spur of the page can bite back at you as you realise you dont remember the exact colour tones required to replicate it. Might explain why the colours this time around for Ari’s aura is a bit, redder. Story wise, its part of the transformation. 😛

Also, it’s our 100 comic. D: Didn’t even realise until DZ mentioned it to me. Kind of a milestone for us in that we have loyal fans who like our comic (and roleplay it too) and continually helping us improve it page by page since we first started so long ago. Here’s to another 100 huh?

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  1. dragon

    LOVE! just kidding although if he was the hero that speech would almost still work that way.

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