dzNot much to say today. An updated version of this cover should be up tomorrow with a couple small changes. Hope you all enjoy Chapter 5!

Oh, yeah, I got one. A new month for TopWebComics voting, although apparently for the second month in a row, the numbers have not reset. Anybody know why? (In the meantime, please help Blake and the Panthera crew stay in the low 60s!)

EDIT: Changes have been made; elemental effects added. Also, TWC did finally reset. I like to imagine it’s because they read about it it here. 😀 (We still appreciate the votes!!!)

jeffI often quite like doing these chapter covers as I don’t have to keep to the realms of reality and instead make things pop up and stand out. This I like for just being sinister. I did think about adding his glow but I felt that would clutter the page a little too much. If you wished this were in wallpaper form, then you are in luck as I’ve also made some widescreen wallpapers of this cover with variations. Currently only at 1440×900 but I’ll add more resolutions over time.

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