dzHoliday in England this week; not much to say. I am going to try and stop by Jeff’s place on my way home next Sunday, though. Stay tuned for reports of the Panthera authors’ epic meeting, if it happens!

jeffWelcome to a brand new chapter, and its a sad day for one of my favourite characters. For that, I had to make the attack pretty spectacular. Tweaked the aura to look more menacing, and the blood more potent. Came out pretty well I should say. What will be the turn of events? Tune in next week.

I’ve also had time to do some additional Panthera art. One Here and one Here (a bit NSFW). Give comments and suggestions to what I should draw next at the following places: Deviantart, Sheezyart or FurAffinity or Twitter. But mostly Twitter, or on our forums.

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