dzHey, welcome back from vacation, everyone! Apparently like half our readership was away last week. Can’t complain, though, ’cause I was, too. Yeah, back from Britain, did get to meet Jeff very briefly (it was an epic 45-minute conversation while I ate a pear for breakfast,) and now hard at work on my new job. Whoo.

For anyone who doesn’t frequent the links page, our hilariously satirical friends at Fafnir are now official affiliates. Again, very much recommended unless you’re a Republican “Twilight mom.”


jeffThe new look of Leo’s effect glow as it were, hinted in the chapters cover. Does look a bit much like fire tho so I may still tweak it to give it a more earthy look. Maybe tone down the highlights. The rock designs remain the same tho heh.

Met D.Z before he went to the aiport back to the US of A, good to finally meet him really. He also gave me a gift, it was a fairly large figure of a tiger. Semi-ironic gift as he called it as it was part gift, part reference tool on the feline form in general, and tiger pattern specifically. Personally I’d prefer a large plush tiger but take what you will. 😛 (kidding, love it regardless)

This isnt the only place for Panthera art tho, check Deviantart, Sheezyart or FurAffinity or Twitter accounts on new art or updates and ramblings.

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