dzFor the record, we’re still looking for new link-exchange/affiliates; people on our links page get several bonus hits a day from us, for no cost except putting our banner on your own site! Any site with at least a couple hundred daily hits, feel free to contact us!

Oh, and by the way, we missed out on a Blake last week, but the kitty is up now.

jeffApologies for the 2 day delay, I had some trouble with the background lineart. Perspective was completely wrong when I was halfway shading it. This messed me up timing wise so I had to redraw all of that, and some of the character lineart as well. Didnt help the new lineart meant more layers of colours lol. Still, came out well. So theres that I suppose.

I started experimenting with Fraps, surprisng how much gb’s the uncompressed videos they can make. To that end, I recorded my playthrough of the Silent Hill Campaign for L4D1 with some friends over at the Exterminatus Now forums. Have a watch on my channel;

If you want to check my other related comic art or everthing else, check Deviantart, Sheezyart or FurAffinity or Twitter accounts on new art or updates and ramblings.

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  1. ucozer12

    Awesome graphic , thanks :)

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