We’re behind, and we’re going to get further behind until Jeff gets a new pen. Sorry! A big thanks to Jon/Pix for finishing off this page. Hopefully we can go on a real tear two weeks out, get three or four pages up in a hurry.

In the meantime, some may not be aware that I have another webcomic that still occasionally updates at my old haunt, The Middle Ground. It’s pretty much only for diehard Sonic the Hedgehog fans (which I used to be,) but it’s fun and extremely silly. Check it out, you might get some laughs.

jeffTodays page is a a bit different than usual because my tablet pen decided to break just as I was shading the background. Also, my replacement headset broke the day after. So terrible day. >.< Thankfully Pix was gracious enough to help finish up the background so kudo's to him. Because my pen is busted, a replacement wont be till next week, and we got bank holiday monday so I'm probably gertting it tuesday/wednesday. As such, I predict the next page will be around friday. Hopefully the new headset that Pix suggested will also come roughly the same time. Ah well, least I have a few games that are good to ellevite this anger. Like Mafia 2, and Worms Reloaded.If you want to check my other related comic art or everthing else, check Deviantart, Sheezyart or FurAffinity or Twitter accounts on new art or updates and ramblings.

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