dzHey, see that cool little “discuss this page” link up there? It’s a place where you can go to discuss this page, or any others, or Panthera in general. You totally should. :-)

jeffYou know, it used to be that drawing trees and such was a chore, but now its oddly one of the more fun and quick things to do since I switched to brushing out the entire thing, I think they come out well.

Been playing alot of Just Cause 2 lately, mostly 100%ing each yellow dot i see, barely touched the actual story campaign, heh. Would also play the new Mass Effect 2 DLC on PC, but Bioware accidently made it so the installer doesnt work on 64bit Windows….or 32bit Windows for that matter. Ah well.

If you want to check my other related comic art or everthing else, check Deviantart, Sheezyart or FurAffinity or Twitter accounts on new art or updates and ramblings.

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