Pixellated: I just thought of a really good joke. I’ve got the premise of the joke, the words to the joke, I’m just not going to tell it until a few minutes after the crowd has become annoyed that I’m not being funny. Then I’ll try and hand the joke off to my double-act partner, who’ll do an excellent job in making the joke really funny, and he’ll tell it superbly… but it’s still minutes later than the crowd expected the joke to come.

Not that there even is a crowd in this hall. No-one’s been invited yet.’

D.Z.: So what exactly does a normal first day at high school have to do with strange concept art, shady people in a dark house, or the comic title “Panthera”?

Well, we should be back on track now, so stick around. And post in our shiny new shoutbox!

Jeff: Did you know what the one thing kept bugging me while i was drawing this page? Taylor’s eye roll. Until I drew the eyes and shaded them in, I had no clue if the whole thing was going to work, heh.

This college likes its washed colours for its rooms huh?

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