dzI need to get back to focusing on this site–the last few weeks, with my new job and all, I’ve been pretty focused on a different site! I’ll be back in force, trust me, and Panthera isn’t going anywhere. Hope you continue to enjoy the battle!

jeffSo this comic was for Friday…..yeh that kind of flew past me and I apologise so it was shifted to Monday. Expect the next page to be back on schedule this Friday.

So I’ve been playing some Civilization 5, alot more accessible, and still as addicting as ever. Also, still playing Minecraft. Attempting to build a giant tower on top of my mountain lair/base/evil genius base of operations.

If you want to check my other related comic art or everthing else, check Deviantart, Sheezyart or FurAffinity or Twitter accounts on new art or updates and ramblings.

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