October 28th, 2008
Chapter I Cover

Keep checking back on old posts, you might get lucky and find we’ve updated one with some backstory.

Then again, you might just be suffering from OCD and feel the need to check back. That’s okay too.

jeff 03/05/2010 – Chapter 1 Cover updated to be in line with the newer cover design. Hopefully you will like it.


  1. Cheap Glasses

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  2. majorca stag

    The night was cold, poring with rain and rocks of hail falling from the pitch black sky. You layed in your bed, covers hanging down from the sides, and your window slightly opened with a cold breaze comeing through helping you sleep. But again you had that dream, the same dream that haves been comeing to you for the last six months.

  3. Darren McRoy

    Hm. I like it.