dzOh, wow, did this come out great or what?

You may have guessed, after the last page, that something like this would happen… what might be less apparent was that this was actually one of the very first things I ever pictured happening in this first arc when I was writing it. Seeing it come to fruition almost two years after we started is… pretty amazing.

New Blake today! Making up for some lost time. You guys vaulted us from like 120 into 70 at TWC over the weekend. You all rule so hard. :-)

jeffSplash pages are always fun to do, for one thing its one panel so quicker and easier. The other reason being for more focus on details because its just one panel. That said, I may tone down Onca’s water attack…maybe. Now back to watching Bones, surprised I didnt watch this earlier really.

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  1. Accidental Leopard

    Splash page? Gimme a break…
    Bones is great. I need to get back to it eventually.

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