dzAnd, scene. Hope you all enjoyed that epic battle. Many more to come, I promise!

Not that it will mean much to anyone who doesn’t live in a specific tiny West Chicago suburb, but I was rather proud of this piece I wrote for my job and felt like sharing it. Y’know, to take up space.

–hm, we owe a new Blake. Piiiix…

jeffThis took a fair bit longer, but then I haven’t dont such a detailed page for a while. The police vehicles and the last two panel shots came out particularly well. Hopefully you like it too.

This isnt the only art I do though, check my Deviantart or FurAffinity pages for additional Panthera art and other projects that I work on. Want to keep up with my ramblings and new updates? Visit my Twitter account. And don’t forget to vote for us by clicking on that giant button on the right there >>>>>>

Now to go back to DJ Max Portable 3. Very good sequel.

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