dzWow, Bridgedale High School has a pretty epic football stadium, huh?

For anyone without a photographic memory, Marina is referring to this promise. Amazingly, in comic time, that was only two weeks ago.

Hey, you should totally like us on Facebook (been a while since I did that prompt.)

And for the whimsical, this is freaking amazing.

EDIT: The forums seem to be working only sporadically… if this lasts another day I’ll look into it. Sorry, folks!

jeffWe took a short break in between pages to get this page done as we knew it would take a bit. Came out well enough tho. Kinda wish I added more people behind the Panthera crew tho.

This isnt the only art I do though, check my Deviantart or FurAffinity pages for additional Panthera art and other projects that I work on. Want to keep up with my ramblings and new updates? Visit my Twitter account. And don’t forget to vote for us by clicking on that giant button on the right there >>>>>>

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