dzHey all, happy Halloween. I’m going as Cigar Guy; I’ll share pics later.

The big point of order is that the forums are back up and working!! Sorry about that.

jeffWell that will explain the large amount of questions about the validity of Ari’s death. Talk about spooky huh. We’re aware our forums are being a bit sketchy for some reason, but we have our tech and site gatekeeper trying to fix it back up. Should be done by today hopefully. Or you can enjoy halloween.

This isnt the only art I do though, check my Deviantart or FurAffinity pages for additional Panthera art and other projects that I work on. Want to keep up with my ramblings and new updates? Visit my Twitter account. And don’t forget to vote for us by clicking on that giant button on the right there >>>>>>

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  1. Accidental Leopard

    Evil mad scientist dude on the loose!
    What every good plot needs. 😀

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