dzOne page left in our first arc!

A reminder that, immediately following the next and final page of the arc, we’ll have a series of guest comics for a couple weeks to give Jeff a break and me a chance to make sure the next storyline is all ready to go!

People we currently have lined up to fill in with guest art/comics during the hiatus: Heather Meade, QueenQeeko, Adrienne Shon, Caroline Ramsey (submitted), Erin “QuizAdams” Skovmand, SK Angel, Raye (submitted), Zachary Foster.

If you are any of these people, we’d love to get something in next week! And it’s not too late to volunteer; we’d love more stuff! Just e-mail, and thanks!!

jeffKira smiling? Clearly something bad is going to happen. We’re nearing the end here chaps.

Don’t forget that I also do side stuff on my Deviantart and FurAffinity accounts. I also post regularly on myTwitter account which is a good place if you want to keep up to date on the comic and toher stuff that I do or ramble on about. Until next page, enjoy this very cold december. I also have a Youtube account where I often upload my playthrough videos of Left 4 Dead with friends.

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