December 17th, 2008
Page 1.05

Zman: New page is up!  Also, we are officially updating at midnight Wednesdays GMT from here on out.
Edit: The About page has some basic information now.

D.Z. Ever get one of these “establishing” tests on a first day of school? Sucked. So much.

Anyways, hopefully this is the last time we’ll toss the schedule around–we’ve had a few weeks to figure out what works, and this should do it. Weekly updates, Wednesdays, 12:00 AM GMT.

Finally, welcome to the site if you’re just joining us. We’re still in the early stages of the plot, so stick around, and let us know what you think in our spiffy shoutbox over there.

Pixellated: Red’s finally allowed us to start posting links to the comic at places. This comic was his baby. His hideous, disfigured baby that was meant to be kept a secret until we’d performed the plastic surgery.

This analogy has so much more potential, but I’ve decided it’s a better idea not to put off newcomers by going into detail.

Jeffk38uk: How many times has Reynder been redrawn? Four times. Or Five. I’ve always drawn people around the18-20’s age group so doing someone older oddly was much harder. Panel 3 was pretty fun as Red told me to go mad with any subject. Needs mour UK related items though. Was going to draw the London Eye but I think it was fast turning too forard geography or something so I scrapped it. The psychodelic colour never opccured to me though but did when Pix did his magic,  lol. Hopefully we’d get the lineart only pages up for your viewing pleasure sometime if theres enough interest for it.

One Comment...

  1. GDA

    Upon back reflection four years after my first viewing, I just noticed the computer coding in the background of panel three.

    Why is that there?