dzOoh, what is this all about? You’ll have to wait a little while to find out, exactly, but you’re welcome to hypothesize!

I’ll be moving the filler stuff to the fanart section, hopefully sometime tonight. Thanks one more time to everyone who helped out!!

jeffAnother full page spread, which would have finished earlier, but sadly the background lineart was borked with full of mistakes that I had to redo the whole thing. Good thing tho as I like this new background much more. I may upload a no text version of this page.

This isnt the only art I do though, check my Deviantart or FurAffinity pages for additional Panthera art and other projects that I work on. Want to keep up with my ramblings and new updates? Visit my Twitter account. And don’t forget to vote for us by clicking on that giant button on the right there >>>>>>

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