dzA conversation between Tigris and Pardus alone is something we haven’t seen much of. In terms of personalities, they’re probably the two most diametrically opposite on the team, so it was interesting thinking about how they’d interact. Also always interesting to give Pardus serious dialogue. Poor leopard-boy can’t laugh everything off.

jeffIt’s a quiet moment and we learn a little more about Kira’s past, and her parents. Now back to Dragon Age 2.

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  1. fionnsilverwolf

    God doesn't want things to be absolutely screwy for us…He wants them to be absolutely catastrophic.

  2. Mamert Stankiewicz

    Ugh… "gotta believe in something". Of course this "something" is a category designed to quietly exclude everything BUT God, but you are never told that plainly. The "gotta" is never justified, either. What's this called – a thought-terminating cliché?

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