dzTo make something briefly clear–the explosion in the last panel is not a nuclear detonation! It’s simply an explosion near a miniaturized nuclear reactor that could easily spread fallout. And yes, I had this idea well before it unfortunately happened in real life in Japan…

Radiation is no joking matter, folks! Not everyone are walking, shapeshifting freaks of nature with immunity to radioactivity. Keep your plutonium safe!

jeffIf you’re wondering why this page took a while to get drawn, now you know why. As much as I love the mech, it’s annoyingly hard to draw and waay time consuming to shade. So a bit of a relief to blow it up here. I debated whether the kaboom actually fits in the final scene tho. Please share your opinions on our forums.

I also do other artwork on Deviantart and FurAffinity. I regularly tweet on Twitter. Also, I have a Youtube account.


  1. Accidental Leopard

    I love me a good villainous breakdown.

  2. fionnsilverwolf

    "Gyeoknoho is…powered by MICROSOFT?!"

  3. Mamert Stankiewicz

    You can defeat anything by getting it to declare itself invincible.

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