dzI’ve mostly been leaving the posts here to Jeff, but I wanted to pop in for a sec to mention something…

As a child of the late 90’s, before Harry Potter came along, there was a… er, certain kids’ book series that may or may not have been my favorite thing ever and more than a bit of an influence for Panthera. Anyway, I recently got wind that they’re being re-released, so if you weren’t fortunate to catch them the first time around, you should totally check that shizz out. They’re really, really good books (at least, the first 20-30 are.)

jeffFriends don’t let best friends taking their sister get eaten….I think.

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  1. Michael

    Last Panel Deer in the Headlights. I Laughed so hard

  2. grotan

    i am teird of thes i can mak fire works ten time as dedly and slil remove the enrgy form atomic bomes without brakeing a swaet

  3. Jetta


  4. Storm

    I thought I saw something familiar about Panthera's powers…..

  5. ???

    This all did seem familiar.

  6. druidofthewolf

    the animorphs books are …………… to put in in words is hard ……………….how to say this………………GOOD mite be under playing it…….

  7. Accidental Leopard

    I remember reading those books growing up… well, the very early part of growing up. I didn't get to read very many of them though.
    I think most of the reason I remember them is that I ended up having to read one of them in french because it was the only copy I could find, and even though I can't speak a lick of french now when I was growing up I was able to read it perfectly. Strange how you lose these things when you haven't practiced for thirteen years. 😛

    I'm a huge Monty Python nerd… to the point where the second panel had me giggling way too long for no good reason.

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