dzAs many people know, this has been a really unfortunate week to be a lion or a tiger running loose in the woods. While rest assured our heroes can handle themselves, the whole mess in Ohio is a tragedy for man and beast alike, provoked by the cruel senselessness of a single selfish coward. It’s left me greatly saddened, comforted only by the thought that it may, however briefly, inspire us men to be better stewards of our animal brethren.

Rest in peace, lions and tigers of Ohio. May panther heaven give you a better life than the evil you knew on earth at the hands of human beings.

jeffTweaked the brush choices between bushes and trees, and went for a standard brush paint setup for the grass, so everything should stand out separately more than the last Leo/Tigris page. Let me know what you think in the forum.

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  1. Darwin00

    SWEET! Thanks for adding a commenting system!! And one I'm very much fond of!!

    Yes the message is very clear in this page. I was very on the fence about the story in the paper regarding this guy and his "collection". On one hand I feel very sorry for the animals, they did nothing except be unlucky enough to be owned by this…guy. On the other, public safety is on the line and my understanding is that this is a very open area, where it would be hard at the utmost to capture the creatures safely. It's really too bad he had so little disregard for the endangered animals in his possession as to put them in such a predicament.

  2. Kai

    I quite feel bad for many animals. Like i have a friend who has a father who was a hunter, and he has mounted heads of deer. I'm not really fond of hunting for just sport, which most of the time, it is. Tigers and Lions are so endangered no a days, I wish they wouldn't kill them. Which makes me really mad was when a guy kept a pet Tiger in a new york APARTMENT which is no such place for a tiger. Or people who breed tigers or lions or other big cats as trade (like selling pelts, killing and stuffing them, selling teeth or claws, etc.) Now if the guy had a big amount of land for them to roam (tigers tend to need lots of land to roam after all) it's a little better. But still free is better. I do understand that there is a point where the animal must be shot for safety, still I would hope there was some way to avoid it.

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