October 29th, 2011
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It’s super easy to use, so you should totally click that comment bubble up there ^^^ and let us know what you think of the CherubzZ concert. :-)

jeffIs it any surprise the band would be hot? Is it?

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  1. KeybladeUser

    I love how Fletcher is like "Oh, geez, make it END…" at first. XD But d'aww!

  2. Senji

    If only there was sound xD

  3. King Lyger

    It could be worse. There could be a mosh pit.

  4. Peter

    There's at least one other person in panel 2 that doesn't want to be there. Also, love the fashion choice on the CherubzZzzzz. The singers have got the whole Jonas Brothers/modern boyband thing going on, 1st guitar's got the popped collar douchebag thing going, and then 2nd guitar's dressed as a hipster and almost saying "I'm in this band ironically."

    Also, prefer comments to hopping on forums.

  5. DZMcRoy

    Among the several references we used for this was a Jonas Brothers concert at the TD Garden. I think I also sent Jeff a Google image search for "boyband." From those videos, I can tell you that if you could hear audio, it would mostly be 20,000 12-year-old girls screaming.

    I definitely think the band came out great, though. Thanks for the comments, guys!! I like this new system as well, although the forum isn't going anywhere.

  6. Zwiep

    You did a good job with the lights. I salute you for that =] Also, good comic in general. I've been enjoying it for some time now.

  7. Drakewoof

    Aww, Fletch's happy she's having fun! Cx

  8. Hchano

    Fff i love this page xD

  9. Van

    paud is like "at least she is having fun"

  10. RockBarnes

    I've been waiting sooo long for he commenting system most other web comics have that I'm not in the mood of commenting anymore.

    What the heck, I do it anyway: Great job on the light show! It really works! Also great job on the facial expression of some people and how they change!

    Hey, would you maybe consider to install the new comment system on earlier pages, too, or would that kill existing comments? In the latter case it's not option, of course.

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