dzThis is the last of the Taylor and Fletcher montage pages. I think they read better as “reading through the archive” than being released each individual week, but hey, I like to explore.

Hey! Each week so far, we’ve topped the previous in terms of number of comments in the–wait for it–NEW COMMENT SYSTEM! Last week was 10 comments. I challenge you all to best it! Let’s beat 10 comments! Even if you just wanna rip on the CherubzZ. :-) Or celebrate them, ’cause our heroes seem to be digging it.

Oh, and the forums are still around, if anyone prefers to give feedback/discuss the strip that way!

jeffPage is slightly late so sorry about that.

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  1. Bale Fire

    Yeah, they probably do read better going through the archive, but whatever.

    I really like that last panel though. Awesome colour and lighting.

  2. Runewittan

    I just think its funny that he is one of the only guys in the audience, but he only seems to notice her… Other than that it is a great light show, lol.

  3. KingdomKey

    Challenge accepted! 😉

    The fluff in this is adorable. XD

  4. Hchano

    Ffff so cute lmao. I love that she is making him fist pump with her in panel 4 xDDD

  5. Whinis

    I like the " Am I really doing this?" or the " Is this ok?" look on his face through out the montage.

  6. Tindi

    Look at it this way, Fletcher: No one else you know is likely to be there, and if they are, they are in no position to give you grief about it. 😛

  7. Zwiep

    I keep waiting for something horrible to happen to them here…

  8. edwardslade

    I'm not sure if I'm expecting something disastrous or something touching to happen here. At least they look like they're having fun for the time being!

  9. DZMcRoy

    Just wanted to say, thanks for the feedback, everyone. Will something horrible happen, here or elsewhere… ? Well, it won't be a comic about boybands forever, I will say that much. :-)

  10. Van

    -waits for excuse for action-

  11. TomRedlion

    Yup. It's a concert. Personally, I wouldn't have been caught dead at a boyband concert, but…
    Oh, look 11 comments!

  12. RockBarnes

    Hy c 'mon we can't just comment for comment's sake, can we?

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