dzAnd so it goes.

I imagine people may have some strong reactions to/opinions on this. Can’t encourage enough use of the NEW COMMENT SYSTEM (12 comments last week, even if two of them were mine… let’s beat it again!) or the forum!


jeffAs breakups go, they seem to went amicably. On the face of it anyway. (dun dun dun).

And now back to LA Saints: Skyrim of Noire Row.

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  1. Ree

    Le Gasp~! Did they just… break up? Wow. Complications! Drama! Man, I feel something's gonna push them even further in future… :O

  2. The Aussie Bloke



  3. Anon

    You know at first this pairing kind of annoyed me, especially when Tigris was mean to Leo's sister. Who is crazy enough to be jealous of her boyfriend's own sis? XD But over the pages I've really come to like it. And now… The irony.

  4. Hchano

    My heart fell out :((((((

  5. Darwin00

    They seem pretty level for the fact that they just said they don't feel the same for each other any more! Another great page, keep it up!

  6. Sporkitude

    The pretty little box told me to put text in it, so here is text!

    I'm betting Jason's feeling more upset than he's letting on.

  7. MidnightPersona

    😀 Tigris seemed more like a lesbian anyways and the relationship with Leo seems forced. (I think she was jealouse of Onca cuz it was another female and due to a hidden attraction, but that may just be me).

    Hmm… so many themes in this. I wouldn't be shocked still if Tigris is a lesbian and her and Pardus has a minor, unsaid, thing over Onca after a while. I like PardusxOnca, though. For now. xD This is highly amusing.

  8. Jeffrey Hope

    They broke up so amicably that it was hard for me to catch that they broke up! But if Leo feels that the relationship with Tigris is getting in the way, then I respect what he has done and I applaud his comment about her being a great warrior. May she be of great use to Panthera.

  9. Kai

    Eh I never really cared for this pairing anyway XD though my fav pairing is crack pfffft. TigrisxOnca *shot*

    Though i do feel a bit sad they broke up. Ah well XD

  10. Bale Fire

    I'm probably in the same camp as above, in that at first I didn't think Tigris and Leo had much chemistry. They've kind of grown on me since then, but I can easily see how such a break up could happen.

    Oh well, next page ^_^

  11. KingdomKey

    Comment count has been beaten! Yay!

  12. RubixCube

    I just wanna know when the baddies are gonna show up to trounce the concert. 😛

  13. Akai

    Noooo! Just… NO! {:(

  14. Capt. leon

    un comic acerca de bigcats….excelent idea…..original 100%
    mientras tigris y leo estan en plan drama existencialista, los otros estan disfrutando de lo lindo en la disco, muy buena particion de la ambientacion. realmente profesional, sell your story to hollywood!!

  15. Nitroglycerin201

    Noooo, my favourite part of Panthera just broke up. :'(

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