dzHere’s the song, if you were curious.

One page left in Chapter 7! And one page left before I can stop saying “NEW COMMENT SYSTEM!”

jeffFinished AC Revelations, so now imagine Panthera as assassins and every villain they encountered were Templars. GIANT ROBOT CAT TEMPLAR!!!

EDIT: Have something cute: Nyan Nyan

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  1. Senji

    D.Z. why would you stop saying new comment system? Is it not new anymore? D:

  2. edwardslade

    Oh brilliant, you give us not only a beautifully drawn page but a new song as well!

    I love the various poses each character shares with their cat…especially the pleased expression on Onca's face as Taylor writes in her journal. A cat with cream she appears!

  3. Darwin00

    This is an awesome page, You can tell the mood of each character by the way they are posed in this page!

  4. Daifuku

    Finally caught up on the entire comic. Love it so far.

  5. Elifia

    Cool page, and the text at the bottom really does feel like it belongs to the comic (and it's Metal, yay!).

  6. Bale Fire

    Song reference is a little random, but a nice page. Leo's lion form looks like it's missing its legs though, up the top.

    But yeah, I like this. I have the feeling this extra page is going to have something big on it.

  7. Hchano

    Jason is breaking my heart fffff he looks so troubled v.v *hug @ him*

    I do agree the song lyrics seem a little out of the left field tho xD On the other hand, I can no longer listen to Pantera without thinking about you guys. :'D

  8. Van

    so that's what it it sounds like when members of Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius have a baby

  9. Capt. leon

    will be more pages of this comic "Panthera"

  10. Puck

    hnnnnnnng their sizes are still ~~
    Jaguars are so much smaller than that! -bites lip and shuts up-

  11. Michaela

    this is around the time i stopped reading. (on account of being kicked out of my apartment and not having internet) I started over again from the beginning for a refresher and will prolly finish catching up either today or tomorrow.

    yes, the dating montages work better as an archive breeze through. This would have been torture had i had to wait after each page… but that's also why most comic books publish a full book monthly or bi-monthly. Webcomics have to do things differently.

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