December 10th, 2011
Page 7.24

dzAnd, scene. (Ari’s alive? NOPE, Chuck Testa.)

How’d you enjoy Chapter 7? On to Chapter 8! And for the last time, NEW COMMENT SYSTEM! I think everyone gets it now. :-)

jeffDon’t worry, that’s just juice…probably. Don’t forget to comment and vote on TWC if you enjoyed this chapter and our comic in general. :3

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  1. ixidor

    Oh . . . crap.

  2. Bale Fire

    I knew there would be something big on the last page. That is Ari right? Not some other bad guy?

  3. DZMcRoy

    Yes, it's Ari. More details will eventually follow.

  4. Darwin00

    Ack! Now comes the supervillain team!

  5. Aura

    dun dun duuuunnn…

    ..and ya I just wanted to comment xDD I kept seeing the "new comment system" thing on almost every new page I came to see it got fairly annoying ><

  6. edwardslade

    And here we go. Brace for shock.

  7. Ree

    Ye Gods! The villain has returned! …living a sheltered life as an old hermit in the woods. XD

  8. DragonForLife10

    Time for supervillians. So what should we expect? what kind of animals would be good against panthera?

    also; he used to be very powerful, but then he took an panthera to the knee(and various other places)

  9. sirbaconofbaconshire

    What if they're the exact same creatures, with the exact same powers, only evil?

  10. @J38UK

    The Rowdyruff Boys of Panthera.

  11. Epesi

    Lemme fix that:

    I used to be a god. Then I took a jaguar paw to the neck.

  12. DZMcRoy

    HAH! Best thing I've heard all day, besides discovering the Mashed Potatoes meme.

  13. dalek955

    Wait, Oosty's hair is white now?

  14. Ayshara

    Well now we know Ari is almost like the wicked witch of the west, just use water. Pity it seems not to kill him though… :(

  15. reddog158

    ARI!? But what happened to him, he looks old? Side affect of the power or something?

  16. Accidental Leopard

    Stress. It's hard being a supervillain.
    They really need their own… coffee break room, or something, somewhere they can get in some me time while their schemes aren't being foiled. Coffee of evil?

  17. Anon

    WAT ARI ISN'T DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????// lol knew it, just saying. Who's the other guy? Is he hott?? Is he a she??? What animal is Ari trying to turn him into?????? Not much out there can combat 4 big cats by itself.. hmmmmmmm


  18. DZMcRoy

    Good questions, and thanks!

  19. the_eldest

    Well, we all know that because of the above mentioned "juice" the panthera have shorter lives. I, for one, am much more interested in the designated element and especially its coresponding effects to the others.

  20. DZMcRoy

    By "designated element," do you mean fire, earth, water, etc.?

  21. Acinonyx

    Or lightning…

  22. Meesh

    I should have commented on this earlier, but I was too lazy too 😛

    Anyhoo, I'm thinking the new creatures are wolves/big dogs

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