dzI dunno if Jeff’s ever seen a desert, let alone a desert home. My descriptions + Google images yielded the above… Well, the owner hired an interesting architect!

So I pretty much gave it away, but who’s been able to pick up on the logic behind the team’s, er, “interesting” new (and thankfully temporary) codenames?

jeffI feel I’m legally obligated to reference a SWAT film reference or something. Happy Holidays and a great new year. :3

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  1. Ayshara

    I did actually, major cities/sports teams for the first half and mythical elemental creatures, mostly if not all Greek based, for the latter.

  2. Ayshara

    Plus you blatantly gave it away in the 4th panel anyway. 😛

  3. Darwin00

    This is interesting…Can't wait to see where it goes~


    Hehe, gnome :)

  5. TomRedlion

    The owner of that house must be obscenely wealthy. The A/C plant needed to keep a house with that much glass cool in the Arizona summer heat would be enormous!

  6. The Aussie Bloke

    As an Australian with a borderline case of Asperger's syndrome, i can safely say that whatever you're referencing with the first part of their names went so far over my head I'd need to skydive to intercept it.

    Mythical creature names I got, though. Three of them are summon spirits from Tales of Phantasia (which I have played), if not others as well.


    The first names each have an NFL team with the corresponding cat as their mascot – Bengal Tiger (Cincinnati), Lion (Detroit), Jaguar (Jacksonville) and Panther(Carolina), each appropriately assigned to the character that transforms into said animal. The second names refers to the Swiss alchemist Paracelsus and the mythical creatures he dubbed elemental spirits – Salamanders (Fire), Undine (Water), Gnome (Earth), and Slyph (Air). Wikipedia is a hell of a drug, kids.

  8. sirbaconofbaconshire

    Jacksonville! Despite being a proud Texan, Jacksonville Jaguars are my favorite football team, thanks to NFL Blitz 2001, where they're one of the best teams.


    hey im new to the comic but when does it update?

  10. MUHAHA

    thanks :)

  11. agehron

    Is it bad I got the Alchemical beasts before I got the football teams?

  12. Maverick

    (First of all, Aussie over here, too! ^_^)

    Is it weird at all that the first thing that I thought of when I saw the elemental code names was this really old game (with many sequels etc), Tales of Phantasia? Elemental spirits (Salamander, Sylph, etc, and many others) can be kinda summoned/used in battles…and yeah. =D

  13. Accidental Leopard

    I like these codenames much better.
    Permanent? Plz?

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