dzWe got a couple of cool things this week! First, we participated in the SpiderForest collective’s Christmas gift swap, and got this really cool Christmas-themed “Lion and the Lamb,” starring your favorite Leo. (Leo is best Aslan?) Much thanks to Denise “Darwin” Randall of the Only Half saga!

And second, our (human-formed) crew made a little cameo over at our awesome sister comic, dream*scar, chilling out in an amusement park. Much thanks to Heather “hchano” Meade as well!

jeffSlightly late so apologies for that. Think of it as a late Happy New Year update. Also Happy New Year!

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  1. crazyceiling

    If anything, the eel's picture looks a little smiley. He looks kinda like a nice guy, y'know? (Then again, I guess drug lords usually…)

    Paracelsus is quickly going up my favourite characters list, by the way.

    And a happy 2012 to you all.

  2. Jindra34

    Is serum 43 going to turn into one of those gives people powers things? Cause that ends up getting really annoying.

  3. The Aussie Bloke

    And now Panthera has a whole new reason to take this VERY seriously.

  4. DZMcRoy

    So did nobody get the poetry reference? Always curious. :-)

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