dzHey, everpony; I’m reporting in live from BroNYCon in New York this week; I’m here with four friends. It’s fun so far, but organizers have clearly very, very badly underestimated the demand (it’s looking like about double the number of ponies showed up than they were expecting) and so it’s also a bit of a dire fiasco that, to their credit, they appear to be working very hard to try and fix. I figure anypony who cares will be hearing plenty about it in the weeks to come. Anyway, I’ll post more later… !

jeffA bit late so apologies for that, been training on this job I’m doing atm. So update schedules are a bit in flux. I will still be making sure you guys and gals get your updates each week tho.

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EDIT: Made some changes to the art. Now back to Star Trek Online. Captain Taylor, away!!

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  1. Jeffrey Hope

    This puts an interesting twist on things…

  2. The Aussie Bloke

    Silly Pardus not paying attention to environmental hazards.

  3. Jindra34

    Satisfied with the rationization//justification of S43 being a kind of super serum. In all of one comic, good writing.

  4. Dragon393

    Huh, I didn't notice it until it was abbreviated, but S43 kind of sounds like R34. ….I blame the internet for the fact that I can't trust the numbers "4" and "3" together.

  5. Accidental Leopard

    And obviously somebody did manage to use the serum, or this wouldn't be a story arc.

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