dzHope you all like expository text as much as I do! If you feel this expository text has been insufficiently stimulating, please reflect briefly upon this really cool Fletcher fan art by Varethane, author of our fellow SpiderForest epic fantasy, Chirault. Thanks a ton, Varethane!!.

jeffAs a note, pages will prob be a bit sporadic as I’ve started a job that reduces my hours for art a fair chunk. I will still work on Panthera however so don’t worry about it going on hiatus or something like that.

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  1. The Aussie Bloke

    It amuses me that Onca is telling the CIA agents off for not believing Ari's dead.

  2. ARTabstraction

    YES. Go girl! You teach that federal agent his english lit!
    *slight SH fanatic here, sorry.*

  3. werewolf

    lol it's amazing how often kids are right in the comics but adults never listen to them

  4. Darwin00

    I hate to say it, but if there are ears listening in, all their subterfuge with the aliases is pretty much given away through the conversation they just had.

  5. Bale Fire

    "I don't expect trouble of any sort."

    Does he want this mission to go wrong?

  6. Gunsolo

    There´s a small typo in panel two. It says oosterhios instead of oosterhuis. :)
    Great comic, keep it up!

  7. Azure

    Wouldn't be the first time Panthera went on a mission, and things went sideways fast. Just hope there are no nuclear powered cats this time. Kinda hard to keep stuff buried intentionally in the desert.

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