dzI got a foosball table for my condo a couple weeks ago. Owning a foosball table was a childhood dream and now I have a foosball table. There may be a foosball table showing up in comic at some point because I am doing all of my writing next to a foosball table.

jeffApologies for the delay, as mentioned last week my time spare is a bit low so my time to work on this page is taking longer than usual. Based on this week, you’re likely to see updates between the Fri-Sun period.

On a side note, thanks to those who wished me a happy birthday on Saturday. :3

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  1. Darwin00

    Love the fake binoculars he's using in panel three! LOL!

  2. Jeffrey Hope

    Happy late birthday!

  3. Sporky

    Oh Pardus, you amuse me so, even with no dialogue.

  4. Draj

    Hmm… can we gar a full view of that licence plate? I have the feeling there's some cameo there…

  5. Something Wicked

    I told myself before I read the comic: "Alright, self, if we see another MLP reference today, our brain will not shut down."
    Self told me: "Okay, but I can only promise to try."

    Self and I have failed to keep our brain from shutting down. Curse you.

    Rabble! Rabble! Blarfurgsnarg! The magical orange sherbet owns all!

  6. cannonfodder

    any bets on what kind of animal mr/miss hidden is?

  7. Personage

    I don't mean to sound rude, I love the comic, but there's something wrong with Tigris' legs in the last two panels :(

  8. Zee

    *Waiting ever so patiently for the next update…..*

  9. GlitchedWolf

    <I've been staring at the car drawings you make in the comic XD I love them. Sorry I'm a car freak soo….>

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